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External partners

We work together with national and international partners, such as de-RSE and the Software Sustainability Institute, to raise the profile of research software and of Research Software Engineers in academia.


Software Sustainability Institute

The importance of software development for research, and of sustainable practices, has been recognized intially in the UK, where the first Software Sustainability Institute was founded in 2010. This led to the UK RSE Association and the formation of the Society of Research Software Engineering (2019, UK). Take a look at their websites, there is a large amount of resources available that touch on all aspects of software development in the sciences!


The german assocation of Research Software Engineers, de-RSE, was founded in 2018/19 as the collective spokesperson for RSEs within the German scientific landscape. Read their position paper on how best practices in research software engineering can help you to become more successful!


Sustainable software development and the lack thereof has been discussed in this Nature Article. Check it out to see how your research may be influenced and how you can contribute to facilitate a change!