Expert Topics in Version Control with GitCompact course: Expert Topics in Version Control with Git


This is a half day course.


Prior knowledge about version control with Git is required. This can e.g. be acquired by attending the SSC’s introductory course “Version Control with Git” and “Intermediate Topics in Version Control with Git”. This course is intended for researchers that develop their own research software. Participants are required to bring their own laptops to work on during the course. Network access (e.g. through Eduroam) is recommended.


Applying version control can be a game changer for a collaborative research software project. However, even in projects that already successfully use Git, there is often room for improvement of the employed Git workflows. This workshop explores some advanced topics that increase the participants’ repertoire of Git workflows: Bisection, Worktrees, Submodules, Large File Storage and Pre-commit Hooks. Additionally, we showcase invasive methods of modifying a Git repository via Rebase.

Learning Objectives

After the course participants will

  • Know about advanced Git features like submodules, large file storage
  • Be able to bisect regression in a Git repository
  • Understand the advantages of worktrees
  • Be able to apply pre-commit hooks for their Git repositories
  • Have used Rebase to change a repository’s Git history


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