A short tour of sustainable software developmentCompact course: A short tour of sustainable software development


This is a half day course.


None, but some background in programming and software development is recommended to profit from the course.


The course will give a brief overview of best practices for the sustainable development of research software. Areas covered are e.g. version control, development workflows, licensing, documentation, software testing, CI/CD, packaging, static code analysis, clean code. The course will emphasize the importance of these topics for the development process, give opinionated tooling recommendations and share experiences. The primary goal of the course is to enable the participants to formulate a roadmap of courses and self-learning activities to further improve their software development skills.

Learning Objectives

After the course participants will

  • have an overview of sustainable software development practices
  • have identified areas for further courses and self-learning


This is an on-demand course. You can indicate your interest in the course by signing up. Once a threshold of potential participants is met, we will get in touch with you to schedule the course. Please use the SSC Booking System to sign up.