Generative AI for writing (research) softwareCompact course: Generative AI for writing (research) software


  • Date: 6.6.24 9am-1pm
  • Instructor: Dr. Inga Ulusoy
  • Venue: Mathematikon Bauteil A, INF 205, 5/104

This is a half day course.


Basic Python knowledge is required. Participants need a laptop/PC with Visual Studio Code installed and a working Python environment. Participants need to have access to GitHub copilot (either through free trial, individual license such as GitHub student (free), or other form of license).


Generative AI is emerging as a major creative force that supports humans in content creation. Specifically trained models can support software developers with their software projects and lead to time savings and a shift in what aspects of generating software are more important on a day-to-day basis. In this course, we will learn about GitHub Copilot, the differences to ChatGPT, and how to set up and use GitHub Copilot in coding projects. Best practices in using Copilot, as well as recommendations how to use it efficiently and safely will be introduced.

Learning Objectives

After the course participants will be able to

  • Know what GitHub Copilot is and what is happening under the hood
  • Use Copilot in an IDE
  • Improve Copilot's suggestions through providing appropriate context
  • Know when and when not to use Copilot
  • Know about privacy and security when using GitHub copilot


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