Funded project, 2022CircuitSEQ web service

Heidelberg Mannheim Life Sciences alliance 'Explore!Tech' grant (SSC as co-PI), total developer time: 1.5 months

Contact person: Dr. Ed Green, DKFZ


The group want to offer their novel multiplexed nanopore DNA sequencing technique as a trial service to other groups within the university. To manage this process a web service is required for users to submit samples and to automatically receive their results.


  • Users can sign up for an account, log in, upload sequences, request samples, download their results
  • Lab analysis script can interface with the server via REST API with token authentication
  • Server automatically emails users with their results when they are submitted by the lab analysis script
  • Tech stack: vue.js frontend, flask backend, REST API, JWT authentication, docker
  • Deployed as a set of docker services for portability
  • Production docker containers are automatically re-built in Continuous Integration when code is updated