Universitätsplatz, typographische Installation

Collaboration at Heidelberg University

Collaboration with the University library

An initial collaboration with the University library focused on the easydb media and data management system, heidICON.We worked on a custom updater plugin for references to entities of the Integrated Authority File (GND), easydb-custom-data-type-ubhdgnd. Another addition was a custom data type plugin for references to bibliographic entries managed externally on Zotero, easydb-custom-data-type-zotero.

Collaboration with the Competence Center Research Data Management

The Competence Center Research Data Management (KFD) supports researchers with their data needs. The SSC provides the complementary service of Research Software Management.
Together with our colleagues at the KFD, we provide support for your digital research challenges.

Collaboration with the Heidelberg Center for Digital Humanities

The Heidelberg Center for Digital Humanities (HCDH) supports researchers in the humanities with the transition and implementation of digitality in the scholarly disciplines. The SSC collaborates closely with the HCDH, providing courses and resources for advancing technical and programming skills. We further developed software for researchers from the digital humanities within our open call: The moralization project in which different natural language processing libraries are used to fine-tune pretrained language models; and the argumentation management project in which different annotation tools are combined flexibly in a pipeline.

Collaboration with the university computing center

The university computing center (URZ) provides computing resources to researchers at Heidelberg University. The SSC integrates these resources in the development and deployment processes. Examples range from high-performance computing resources to virtual machines and data storage.